The Ecosystem and Digital Transformation Impact on Organization Economy

Date: Sep 12th, 2020
Time: 7:00 pm Baghdad Time Zone
Venue: Webinar/Zoom
Country: Canada/Jordan/Lebanon/ United Arab Emirates/Iraq
Sector: Digital Transformation | E Government

The ongoing digital transformation holds the promise of improving productivity performance by enabling innovation and reducing the costs of a range of business processes. With more companies changing the way they do business in order to adapt to the new digital world, phrases like “digital transformation” are starting to feel too abstract. We’ve been expecting these generalities to give way to more specific advice: practices based on industry leaders’ patterns for success

Jointly organized by Iraqi Canadian Chamber of Commerce, and the Iraq Future Foundation, this Webinar discussed factors that could explain such a approach and explored the role of policies in helping the economies realise the productivity benefit from this transformation.

A video recording of the conference has been published on our YouTube page

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