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Meeting with International Utrasonic Technologies (IUT)

Last week the Iraqi Canadian Chamber of Commerce & Industry team had a great discovery workshop between Kerri McGrath IUT Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Dr. Pedro Pereira, IUT Chief Technology Officer (CTO), and Yasser Al Mimar, the president of Iraqi Canadian Chamber of Commerce & Industry.

The meeting was held in Calgary Centre for Innovative Technology (CCIT), and the team discussed the challenges and opportunities in front of the Iraqi Oil and Gas industry.

Iraqi Canadian Chamber of Commerce brings together business & opinion leaders to address important issues in Iraqi oil and #gas sector through the projects and reports we have. Great to see our Canadian companies talking about how technology and Canadian ingenuity are driving its pursuit of enhance oil sector in Iraq. Another example of how Canadian Technology plays a huge role in the Oil and gas development.

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Participating at Global Petroleum Show last week

Having a great Oil and Gas show in #Calgary! We’ve been lots of great companies and people. We are at Midstream Oil and Gas Alberta Economic Development, Trade and Tourism, discussing strategies that foster sustainable growth, diversify the economy and increase economic resilience between Iraq and Canada.

Global Petroleum Show (GPS) is the most important energy expo & conference in North America attracting more than 50,000 international and domestic oil and gas executives from over 21,000 companies. Officials from government, national and international energy companies across the entire supply chain convene at GPS to share innovative technologies, conduct business and engage in complex and controversial discussions aimed to shape the future of the energy industry.

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Bringing the voices of local companies in Canada

The Iraqi Canadian Chamber of Commerce & Industry has held a table discussion bringing the voices of local companies in Canada and Skilled Iraqi’s people together, to talk about how we can better access talent and investment opportunities in Iraq. The big potential change in business is coming in Iraq, so we can’t slow down now!

Iraq is potentially one of the richest countries on earth, and one of the fastest growing important economies in the world. Iraq is the world’s fourth largest oil producer and number two in OPEC. Of these, it’s the only producer with a realistic likelihood of doubling its production over the coming decade. The inbound investment for this alone will be north of $150b.

Let’s go open MORE business channels, make MORE opportunities, and connect with MORE business people in Canada than ever before so that we can build skilled & qualified portfolio to support Iraqi market and Canada economy

Thank you to everyone who joined Iraqi Canadian Chamber of Commerce & Industry and Yasser Al Mimar – for great presentation.

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