Professional Training

Scrum Master - Agile Software Development

What is SDLC | Types of SDLC’s | What is lean, agile, scrum process? | Sprint Planning | Estimations / efforts in number of hours or points | Role of Scrum master | Leadership and organizational aspects of implementing scrum | Role of Product Owner | Sprint reviews | Retrospectives | Lessons learned | The ‘Done’ definition | Take an exercise – real-time scenario from industry

PMP – Project Management

Integration Management | Scope Management | Schedule Management | Cost Management | Quality Management | Resource Management | Communications Management | Risk Management Procurement Management | Stakeholder Management

Lean Six Sigma – Best practices

What us Six Sigma and what is Lean? | Why Six Sigma? | Why Lean? | Why Lean Six Sigma? | Lean metrics Five S’s | Just in time | Total productive maintenance | Quality at the source | Continuous improvement | Implementing lean Six Sigma

Entrepreneurship – SME’s set up for digital or brick and mortar

Are you an entrepreneur? Determining where you have a business Starting your business Writing a business plan Setting up prices Deciding between digital/online or brick and mortar business | Building a financial model| Deciding on a legal structure | Protecting your intellectual property | Gearing up operationally | Bootstrapping your business | Deciding on a co-founder | Hiring right people | Website building | Serving customers online or in-store | Reporting | Scaling your business

Cyber Security

Introduction to Ethical Hacking | Foot printing and Reconnaissance | Scanning Networks | Enumeration | Vulnerability Analysis | System Hacking | Malware Threats | Sniffing | Social Engineering | Denial-of-Service | Session Hijacking | Evading IDS, Firewalls, and Honeypots | Hacking Web Servers | Hacking Web Applications | Hacking Wireless Networks | Hacking Mobile Platforms IoT Hacking Cloud Computing Cryptography

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