Why Iraq Future Program

We live in a fast changing world where the future can be felt right here in our present. Iraq today needs a real strategy and new approach to re-shape the economic development there.

Iraq Future Program has long realized the significance of keeping pace with future technology in industry and making the best of innovation to shape a better future in Iraq. Our program represents the tangible outcome of this vision to define the future in the present.

In order to transform unique business ideas to current realities, the program has within a short period of time will be creating a new approach innovation platform that encourage and recognize creative minds in Iraq.

Individuals, Organizations and Sectors represent the three main pillars of the Iraq Future Agenda on which the Foundation is developing future capacities and driving innovation within organizations and sectors. In partnerships with international innovation companies and research institutions in Canada.

As the future inspires and motivates us, the program will play a pivotal role in achieving the real standing of Iraq in the realm of future business technologies to realise the vision of our foundation to stay one step ahead of the future.

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