Building Berhyah Brand

As you bite into your favorite date, you will experience nature’s sweetest and most perfect food along with a taste of history of this divine bounty. Knowing more about this fascinating fruit will enhance your pleasure. The date palm in Iraq is the oldest known cultivated tree, and is appreciated for the many blessings it bestows on people across North Africa and the Middle East, into Asia and other hot climates.

Dates have been eaten region for more than 7,000 years and Berhyah is proud to be Iraqi’s best seller of premium organic dates today

Berhyah a journey of transformation and creation, forging an enduring legacy of innovation, delighting discerning customers of fine sweets and dates in Canada and United States. Berhyah elevated a revered amazing dates to gourmet varieties and created a new luxury retail experience that will be launch an entirely new market, a market for the gourmet dates and date products in North America.

The product is an exceptional quality organic dates. This is the foundation for developing Berhyah’s renowned gourmet range, offered by Iraqi Canadian Chamber of Commerce channels and our premium retailing channels. Through IraqCanadaCham Berhyah offers a comprehensive range of crafted delicacies such as organic raw dates and premium dark chocolate dipped dates and nuts.

IraqCanadaCham will be offering Berhyah luxurious gift collections which are fully customizable and feature a range of gourmet delights. Personalize your gift box, content and ribbon, to choose a gift that truly represents you.

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