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Exporting from Canada to Iraq can be complicated. IraqCanadaCham has helped hundred of Canadian and Iraqi companies find this progress success. Now, our expert knowledge is at your service—online and for free.

Every week, our export advisors work with Canada’s international trade, and Trade Commissioner Service to support Canadian businesses and Iraqi companies to get a clear picture about the free flow of goods and services from Canada to Iraq. We are also working with (EDC) who offers businesses expert advice as well as insurance and financial support. They have expanded their offering in response to increased demand during these challenging times.

Canada has always been a trading nation. Exports and imports consistently account for about two thirds of the country’s GDP. As the liberalization of global commerce continues, more and more Canadian companies are joining the international market every year.

Exporting goods versus exporting services

Exporting goods and exporting services present quite different challenges. The former must deal with packaging, customs and physical delivery, for example, while the latter confronts issues such as work permits, credential validation, language and travel to and from the market. When exporting goods it is also important to remember that there is often a service component that should be anticipated (installation, training, service, warranty, etc.).

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